Under Florida state laws, sexual offenses carry stringent penalties which can see offenders serving life sentences or even face capital punishment. In the event probation is awarded, the offenders are placed under strict monitoring to reduce any chances of them repeating any further sexual misconduct. Persons who have committed rape, having sex with a minor, sodomy and indecent assault constitute as offenders of sex offense acts and are liable for criminal prosecution.

For a conviction to go on, the prosecutors must prove that the accused person must have, without consent, made unwarranted sexual contact to the victim. Another important note is that under the Florida state laws, the victims don’t need to show any resistance as only consent is what is taken into account for a given sexual act to be considered an offense. The punishment offered is dependent on the ages of both the defendant and victim, if there was the use of any weapon during the encounter, and also if the victim suffers personal injury. For more information, speak to a sex offenses attorney.

Penalties for Sexual Offenders

Persons who have been accused of sexual offenses are placed under strict legal watch, and this is turn may mean controlling movements, reading content, association with the general public and many other measures which are implemented with the intention of preventing another sex offense from being committed. Available treatment options for sex offenders in Florida have the motive of bringing defendants to their attention of what was done wrong to the victims, and the hope is that they can reform their behavioral attitudes.

Internet access for the defendant may be limited until a qualified practitioner gives a go ahead to such a plan by classifying it as safe. The accused must be thoroughly scrutinized, and limited online access is usually to prevent access to pornographic content which would possibly cause the accused to commit another sexual felony. The defendants are required to submit themselves to warrant-less searches on their homes, vehicles or any other property by the respective probation officer. Anything a defender might send via post office must first be given approval, and the permission can be obtained by an officer supervising the probation. Monitoring of geographical movements of the accused is given priority. Consequently, probation officers are required to provide information on where the accused persons intend to move to, and this may involve collecting log vehicle information of the accused persons.

Psychological Evaluations

Psychological and mental evaluations must be given by a qualified practitioner in any case outpatient probation terms are to be given by the jury. Defendants are electronically monitored for keeping watch their physical movements. The court may impose movement curfews on the accused person to ensure that no physical contact is made with the victim. Besides, practitioners offering treatment to the defendants may be required to prepare a well-detailed plan that prohibits being in possession of any material that can lead to sexual stimulation in audio, visual or any other known format. If probation has been granted and it happens the defendant was accused of assaulting a minor, then payable work or volunteer in areas where children are is prohibited.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, speak to a sex offenses lawyer today.