Kent Huffman

Kent Huffman, Attorney at Law, is one of the partners at Hutchinson & Huffman, P.A. A “boutique” style West Palm Beach law firm that deals in general civil litigation, with experience fighting civil suits and much more.

A resident of West Palm Beach since the year 1959, Attorney Kent Huffman has been practicing law for over a quarter century, which means he has the extensive experience that clients need to enjoy a positive resolution to their case or other legal matter. He is prepared to serve as an advisor and counselor for individuals, families and businesses alike, offering concise, easy-to-understand advice and actionable recommendations. He is a firm believer that many cases and other legal issues can be won long before you head to the courtroom. For this reason, he encourages his clients to contact him as soon as a legal issue comes to light.

His strengths include his adept negotiation skills, combined with a talent for crafting concise, direct and effective arguments and defense strategies for his clients. Attorney Huffman is also renowned amongst his colleagues for his strong litigation skills, combined with a wonderful sense of when and when not to litigate – an area where many lawyers struggle.

A Look at Attorney Kent Huffman’s Career and Experience in the Legal Field

Attorney Kent Huffman has legal experience in many different areas, making him a well-rounded attorney who draws upon this experience to build a compelling defense case.

More than 30 years ago, Attorney Huffman started his career the young age of 26. Fresh out of law school, he started his lengthy career when he joined a small Palm Beach law firm. During his time with the firm as a legal associate, he dealt with an equal number of civil litigation cases and real estate transactions. He spent approximately four years with this law firm, before ultimately moving on to pursue another career opportunity.

His law career led him to a different Palm Beach law firm dealing in real estate law. The practice primarily focused on high-end residential and commercial real estate transactions. During his time with this firm, Attorney Kent Huffman represented numerous prominent investors, both domestic and foreign. He handled a variety of transactions, including real estate acquisitions, real estate developments and the marketing of residential and commercial properties. Additionally, Attorney Huffman handled real estate law litigation for his clients, on occasions when this approach was required.

After spending four years focusing on real estate law, Kent transitioned to the next phase of his career, opening his own law offices and expanding his practice to include civil litigation.  Attorney Huffman began representing a diverse range of clients in need of legal advice, representation, and other legal services.

How Can Attorney Kent Huffman Help You?

Attorney Kent Huffman and the legal team at Hutchinson & Huffman, P.A. are available to assist clients who are dealing with a wide range of different issues, including:

  • Defending you in court and developing a compelling, aggressive and highly strategic defense strategy to maximize your chances of seeing a positive case resolution.
  • Negotiating your case in an attempt to secure a more favorable outcome.

These are a few of the many areas where Attorney Huffman and his legal team can assist.

Attorney Kent Huffman takes tremendous pride in his ability to maintain a large number of long-term clients, who routinely utilize his legal services on multiple occasions. He finds it extremely fulfilling to work with his clientele, with individuals returning year after year for all of their legal matters including business and real estate law. In fact, Kent is extremely proud to be working with the children and even the grandchildren of clients whom he assisted in the earlier portions of his career.

Utilizing a pragmatic and practical approach to the legal system, he considers himself a full-service attorney, serving as a “one-stop legal shop” of sorts for his clients.

If you require aggressive, strategic and results-oriented legal representation in a matter involving family law, real estate law, estate planning or a business-related legal matter, contact Attorney Kent Huffman with Hutchinson & Huffman, P.A. His law offices are located at 515 North Flagler Drive, Suite 401 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Palm Beach County clients can arrange a confidential, no-cost case evaluation by calling (561) 838-9793.