About Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A.

Finding yourself accused of a crime can be a terrifying, life-altering experience that can impact more than just your life; it can also be devastating to your family members and other loved ones.

Your choice in a criminal defense lawyer can have a major impact on the ultimate outcome of your case. At Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A., our team of attorneys have over 40 years of combined experience helping and defending clients just like you. To date, we have handled thousands of criminal cases involving a variety of different crimes.

Our experienced legal team is prepared to help any kind of client, ranging from the driver without a criminal history who is arrested for driving under the influence to a case involving an individual with a lengthy criminal record who is charged with first-degree murder or any other serious felony charges. In fact, we have even handled many cases for fellow attorneys who have referred their family members and friends to our criminal defense lawyers.

We take great pride in providing our clients with a strong, strategic and focused defense, using a strategy that is crafted with you and your unique goals, priorities, and circumstances in mind. From cases that involve drug crimes – which carry some of the harshest penalties in the state of Florida – to violent crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence and beyond, our skilled legal team is ready to defend your case aggressively, working hard to bring about a positive case conclusion.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges in West Palm Beach, Florida or the surrounding region, contact the legal team at Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A. Contact our law offices to discuss the details of your case in a free, fully confidential case consultation by calling 561-838-9793.

Common Questions for Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A.

Let us examine a few of the most common questions that we receive here at Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A.

How Do I Know if I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you are being interviewed, questioned or investigated by police, or if you have been arrested on criminal charges, you can benefit from working with one of the experienced West Palm Beach defense lawyers with Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A.

Many are hesitant to contact a criminal defense lawyer before they have been arrested, but the reality is that many arrests can be avoided entirely if you hire legal representation early in the process. In cases where an arrest does occur, the trajectory of your case can be altered in your favor quite significantly. Even someone who is totally innocent of any wrong-doing may say the wrong thing and that remark could be misconstrued or taken out of context in a way that could be harmful at trial. So by hiring a seasoned lawyer early on to help you with any police dealings, you can minimize the chances of causing legal troubles.

Once you have been arrested, anything you say (and even do) can and will be used against you, so at this time, it becomes even more important to hire an attorney who can look out for your interests and protect your future.

What Types of Criminal Cases Do You Defend? 

At Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A., we handle a wide variety of criminal cases, ranging from a simple and relatively minor misdemeanor to the most serious, stigmatized felonies.

The areas of practice at our West Palm Beach law offices include:

  • Driving under the influence cases, including first-time offenses and more serious subsequent DUI offenses involving injuries;
  • Drug crimes, including drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, trafficking and manufacturing;
  • Violent crimes such as assault and battery, attempted murder, manslaughter, and murder;
  • Theft crimes, such as shoplifting, receiving stolen property and burglary;
  • Sex crimes such as sexual battery, rape, unlawful sex with a minor, or sexual misconduct;
  • White collar crimes, such as fraud and embezzlement; and
  • Domestic violence cases, including domestic assault and battery.
How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Defense Lawyer?

The cost of hiring a criminal defense attorney varies quite dramatically amongst clients, as each case is truly unique.

Some cases can be resolved in very short order, with just a single hearing, while other cases require significant time, effort and multiple court proceedings, ultimately culminating in a trial.

For this reason, we recommend speaking with our legal team to discuss your case; once we learn more about the legal issues at hand, we can provide a more concise and accurate idea of the legal fees involved.

Hire a Top West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Law Firm to Handle Your Case

A criminal conviction can quite literally impact every element of your life, from impacting your family on an emotional and financial level, to affecting your ability to get a job, rent an apartment or pursue a college education. The impact is even more profound for those who face a conviction for a serious felony crime, as you could face incarceration, significant fines and in the case of sex offenses, a requirement to register as a sex offender, potentially for a lifetime.

For this reason, it is absolutely essential that you trust your case to the experienced attorneys with Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A. With over 40 years of combined experience and thousands of cases under our belt, our team of attorneys offer you the experience required to maximize your chances of seeing a positive case conclusion.

Notably, the attorneys of Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A. also give back to the community by offering a scholarship to help students who are working hard to get an education so that the youth of America can see a brighter, better future.

If you or a family member have been arrested or are under investigation by law enforcement, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Contact the attorneys at Hutchinson and Huffman, P.A. to arrange a fully confidential, no-cost evaluation to discuss the specifics in your case. Speak with us today by calling 561-838-9793.