Rick Hutchinson

Attorney Rick Hutchinson, Esq. is a criminal defense attorney and one of the partners at Hutchinson & Huffman, P.A., a law firm that is based in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida. This practice offers legal services in a range of different criminal defense areas, including DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, theft, white collar crimes, and more.

A lifelong Florida resident who grew up in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, Attorney Hutchinson is a very experienced legal professional who worked as a public defender early in his career, before going into private practice. Mr. Hutchinson has had many successful jury trial victories and is ready to help you.

Attorney Hutchinson has worked hard to make a name for himself as a criminal defense lawyer, ultimately being named a member of the highly prestigious Criminal Justice Act Panel in 2001. He was also hand-selected by the federal courts to serve as a court-appointed counsel to individuals who were charged with federal criminal offenses.

A Look at Attorney Rick Hutchinson’s Education and Legal Experience

With more than 20 years in practice, Attorney Rick Hutchinson has the experience, the refined strategies and the insights required to bring real results to clients who are facing criminal charges.

His decades of local experience, combined with his time as a public defender in the early part of his career, have provided Attorney Hutchinson with a high degree of familiarity with the local criminal justice system. This has allowed him to get remarkable results for clients.

Attorney Rick Hutchinson earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, before going on to earn his law degree from St. Thomas University in Miami.

He then went on to serve as a public defender in Palm Beach county, representing clients who were facing a broad range of charges. He ultimately went into private practice as a defense lawyer, ultimately becoming a partner at Hutchinson & Huffman P.A.

He describes himself as highly strategic and tenacious in the legal arena, where he has represented clients accused of many different crimes, from DUI and drug crimes, to violent crimes, such as assault and even murder. Attorney Hutchinson has earned a reputation for his compassion and integrity – traits that he has become well-known for throughout the Florida legal community and beyond.

How Can Attorney Rick Hutchinson Assist With Your Case?

Attorney Rick Hutchinson and the top-notch legal team at Hutchinson & Huffman, P.A. is available to represent clients who are confronting a variety of different legal issues, including:

  • Representing you during a criminal investigation and accompanying you to police interviews, depositions and other legal proceedings.
  • Defending you in court and developing a compelling, aggressive and highly strategic defense strategy to maximize your chances of seeing a positive case resolution.
  • Negotiating with the district attorney’s office and prosecutor in an attempt to secure a more favorable outcome to your criminal case.

These are a few of the many legal issues that Attorney Hutchinson and his legal team are prepared to handle. In fact, Attorney Hutchinson handles every case personally, working to provide an unparalleled level of care and attention to your case. He is passionate about the role of law in our free society and works hard to defend and protect the accused.

“It’s my belief that each and every client deserves compassion and respect,” he explained, adding, “I believe in treating others as I would want to be treated if I were in the same position. It can be extremely frightening to find yourself accused of a crime, whether it’s your first involvement with the legal system or your fiftieth. Every client deserves to be represented by an attorney who will work hard to protect your interests, while striving to secure the best possible outcome to your case.

If you require aggressive, strategic and results-oriented legal representation in a West Palm Beach area criminal case or other legal matter, contact Attorney Rick Hutchinson with Hutchinson & Huffman, P.A. The firm’s law offices are located at 515 North Flagler Drive, Suite 401 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Clients in Palm Beach County and the surrounding area are invited to schedule a confidential, no-cost case consultation session by calling (561) 838-9793.