Narcotic charges are one of the most common offenses across the United States and as a matter of fact, there is a war on drugs across the nation. Thousands of young and aged people have been arrested and locked in prison for possessing drugs that are deemed illegal by the federal and state governments.

Thankfully, the state of Florida believes in rehabilitating narcotic offenders rather than jailing them, particularly for many first-time and second-time offenders. In the event that you are accused of a drug offense, it is of great importance for you to look for an experienced drug crimes attorney who can assist you in understanding the available options.

Florida State Drug Law

When faced with any charges related to a narcotic offense, it is your right to have an attorney who will help you fight for your freedom. Both the federal and the state government have laws that pertain to controlled substances.

According to state of Florida and the federal government, possessing heroin, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, LSD, and many other substances is illegal for any person with no legal authority. Charges involving possession of such substances are typically handled in state courts. It’s also illegal to be in possession of prescription drugs with no valid prescription.
Although charges involving narcotic possession might appear minor, they are likely to have a serious effect on your personal life. It is, therefore, vital for you to choose a drug crimes lawyer with experience to help you get through the situation with the minimal impact possible.

Drug Possession Charges & Possible Options

If found in possession of drugs in your car or home, you can be arrested. However, things might be different if found with a larger quantity and your charges may be linked with the intent to sell. This means the charges and penalties will be even more serious. Some of the factors that will determine the options available for you include your criminal history, the amount of drugs in possession, and the classification of drugs.

Drug charges in the state of Florida are punishable by probation, jail time and/or fines. Your criminal record will also have the charge until you get it expunged, and you can be sure this will have an impact on your future endeavors.

Both the Florida narcotic laws and Federal drug laws are similar in what is deemed illegal. Any person arrested at a federal facility or an airport in possession of drugs, they may face federal narcotic possession charges. In most cases, however, federal officials are more concerned with trafficking charges involving sale, manufacturing, and transit of large amounts of drug substances. Charges associated with drug trafficking carry huge fines in millions of dollars as well as minimum sentences.

Different Drug Offenses in West Palm Beach

Some of the charges you might face related to drug charges include:

• Drug trafficking and manufacturing

• Possession of any of the controlled substances

• Prescription Fraud

• Possession with intent to sell

• Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Although punishment varies, individuals found in possession of controlled substances other than certain amounts of marijuana are charged with a felony and can serve up to 5 years in prison with a permanent criminal record.

In some instances, people are made to participate in a drug court program where they are required to undertake a narcotic treatment plan. In such cases, your charges will be dismissed once you successfully complete the program.